Sunday, January 09, 2005

Old Man Winter Retires from the Pit

We saw Me First and the Gimme Gimmes tonight at Irving Plaza. It was fun and I have no real complaints. The band reminds of the Rat Pack will all their jibber jabbering on stage I tried to dance during the early part of the show but I didn't have the patience or the energy. I also appeared to be surround my children. Granted I'm 28 but still...I think the moshing and skanking needs to come to an end. The last time I saw Helmet, I was nearly blinded in one eye. The last time I saw Life of Agony I was kicked in the balls twice and I threw my back out. Some dude clawed up my face during an Anthrax show, which I think was in 2004. I can't keep track anymore. Needless to say, tempting fate with crippling myself has gotten to be old hat. Clutch was fun on New Years but there aren't too many bands out there right now that I care about where I can dance the night away and not get clobbered.

I have a lot of memories from Iriving Plaza: Hearing Shelter play "We Can Work It Out"; Being knocked in a tight spiral and falling straight down on the wet and dirty floor during Slayer on the Undisputed Attitude tour; Getting to see Cracker, Lords of Acid and Concrete Blonde all in the same year; doing the Wall of Death/Braveheart during Lamb of God; all the moshpits where I wasn't defaced or manhandled but instead was able to dance and meet cool hardcore/metal head friends; meeting Mike or Frank or whatever his name was, the old dude who was at every show and became a show staple; Being able to see Korn and Sugar Ray when they were good and before they were too big; Hell even finding the place the first time when we used to walk from Penn Station to Union Square in the dead of winter because we were too poor for cabs and too scared/stupid to ride the Subway...and lord knows we weren't driving at that time.

I'll miss all the old NYC concert halls. I'll miss the Roseland and Irving Plaza. I'll even miss the Bowery Ballroom, though I didn't see too many shows there. I'm sure I'll see some shows while I'm in Miami. Apparently Ft. Lauderdale is the place for metal shows in that area. Maybe I'll be able to catch a show in Tampa when my parents move down there. It won't be the same because there really is no place like NY. That's OK. I''ll live.

NYHC DOWN FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!