Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Stop Being Stupid, Stupid

No matter how lame MTV and MTV2 (only ONE HOUR for Headbanger's Ball now?!) continue to get, I still find myself drawn to The Real World and those drama-filled extreme challenge shows the cast members end up on. It's the perfect thing to numb the mind before bed.

Without a token gay activist roommate, or one in need of some type of intervention, the drama between the kiddies is minimal this year in comparison to previous seasons. So the big blow-up for the week was the housemates bickering over which band(s) to film during SXSW as part of their "job" while in the house. Oooh!

Laci, the token too-punk-rock-for-this-crap hipster chick, is whining about how everyone else in the house is stereotypical and that they listen to stereotypical music. Hey, she just might have a point. At least I can understand what she is saying, and her dialogue doesn't have to be subtitled due to a thick regional accent. Danny, I'm laughing in your direction! But the comments she makes on camera about how real musicians don't want to make money is just childish high school scenester bullshit. Any "real musician" would love to make a career out of writing and playing music. That's the dream right there - to reach an audience who likes what you have to say, and not have to return home from tour to your mom's mildew-ridden basement. Careers allow us to make money and support ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with being a music snob. But if you're going to speak in front of a camera and potentially be seen and heard by millions of viewers, you should maybe think about how you want to represent yourself. Stick your nose up at manufactured boy bands or "artists" that lip sync. Stick your nose up at Top 40 radio stations that taint the airwaves with the same novelty sounds hour after hour.

Bands can't control their popularity. Do they deserve being deserted by their fans because they have to play bigger venues to support demand? I didn't stop buying Metallica's albums because they got too popular. I stopped buying their albums because they started writing pop songs instead of epic heavy metal. Shut up, stop being stupid, eat a sandwich, and go buy a CD so some real musicians can feed their kids.